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bmw r100 brake upgrade

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Since some have had trouble visualizing the situation, here it is presented somewhat differently: The fluid in your braking system is DOT3 or DOT4, it does not compress, even if it has some dissolved moisture in it. This is particularly so if going to a new type of pad containing, perhaps, copper or other metal. Clip part# Carrier. Instead, flow through a valve with a given orifice size over time are the control mechanism, so fluid maximum viscosity is a key characteristic for them. Set up the bleeder hose; catch container; proper wrench at the ready (usually 7/16"); a wet large rag (nearby and maybe one already on the fuel tank and one under the MC if on the bars). Don't run out of fluid in the MC!!! 5.0 Silicone fluids are not compatible with Brembo brakes, and very iffy with ATE swinging caliper models, and there are special and BAD things that can happen with silicones. When reading any of the above website's information, pay attention to the effect that lever (or pedal!) ... sometimes this is ALSO due to the smaller internal tubing of the SS line. Broken cable or lever operated brake switch? Click on the … BMW shoes work fine, but may need a bit of reworking to fit correctly, SAME for other brands. Some add proportioning valves. All fitting is carried out at our newly constructed and state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence vehicle workshop. ), BMW modified the brake cam rods. DO NOT sharply bend the hose! In some instances a bubble of air can get trapped at some junction, & cause you to be VERY unhappy trying to dislodge it. C $155.44. If having problems, LOWER the caliper as much as possible. SO ....ONE of the things I recommend, see prior paragraphs too, is that if converting from single to dual-disc, you do NOT initially change to a larger bore master cylinder. Of course, DOT3 and DOT4 have their own problems, mostly it is that they should be bled to the fluid replacement point, once a year. Certainly, as brake fluid ages, the corrosion-preventing additives are used-up, or deteriorate, deterioration of the master cylinder metal walls will begin ...with pitting ...which, when to the noticeable point, will EAT UP the seals, often destroy the master cylinder,  causing it to need either replacement $$$$; or, honing and rebuilding and even sleeving $$. Plenty of bubbles = NO BRAKES, because bubbles are highly compressible, even tiny ones. Contrary to old-wives tales, the BMW rubber brake hoses, unmolested, can EASILY last for 20++ years, and 100K-200K+ miles. piece or three-piece. The problem is very likely a bubble of air in/at the SWITCH at the master cylinder. I have designed and built a few racing and street and off-road sidecar rigs. If you use any of these sleeves, change the caliper bolts from M10 x 25  to  M10 x 30, 07 11  9 913 839. or Best Offer. That can be a good method ....because the SS braided hose is NOT flexing a lot, or not at all. Air bubbles in a braking system, & they need not be big ones, will cause a soft spongy brake lever feel ....and if severe, you may have egregious problems trying to get ANY brake pressure ....to the point that the brake lever will never seem to start showing a stiffening. Besides regular maintenance brakes bleeding, another problem has been that the owner that pays little attention to anything but the fluid level in the master cylinder. Much of this article is applicable to ANY hydraulic brake system. An article written by Duane Ausherman discusses assembly & adjustment of the front drum brakes. You really DO want the fluid to return, fast, to the master cylinder at your brake temperatures. Crud/deposits, corrosion, etc., could be present at the place the master cylinder piston AND the caliper piston have been stopping at. The piston MUST be in truly good condition. But for riders seeking a real upgrade, our braided stainless brake … Remember:  You are NOT a shop charging $$$ per hour for this. AVOID using strong solvent cleaners ....they are almost always NOT safe with the various rubber parts. Performance brake pads by Brembo and Ferodo for BMW R Airhead R45, R50, R60, R65, R75, R80, R90, R100 High Quality, Original Equipment BREMBO Brake Rotors for BMW R Airheads I ran into a quality problem myself, once, and had to send the SS hoses back to the maker for better quality ones (sidecar rig, LONG LONG front hoses, due to the type of front end). Luka has switched the suffix from RS to RC—from Reise Sport, … The BMW stock brake hoses are VERY good & LAST for DECADES if you do not hang the calipers by the hoses, and if you do NOT use a clamp or pinch device on them (which some did and still do, unfortunately, to stop fluid flow during some types of servicing). This same sort of electrical problem can occur if the round rubber sort-of-half-tube thing that cushions the FRONT of the tank is deteriorated. They are designed for high stability under RELATIVELY HARSH conditions. It is difficult to get reliable information about disc compatibility and wear from the various linings. On the other Hand you can find stainless-steel braided brake hoses one-piece, two- AFTER 09/83 on some models and 08/89 on others, the O-ring became 35 21 1 457 605, which were 12 x 1 mm. I cover customers fuel tanks & any area of exposed paint, with wet cotton towels. It IS BEST to change brake fluid on a schedule. These square O-rings have been known to get hard with age ....but it is the corrosion in their associated caliper groove & perhaps a corroded piston that are typically the main problem. Check your bike! So, what about that word LIMITED?....you glossed over that, eh? If you are nervous about using a propane/MAPP torch, do not use one. Add to cart. If you think about to upgrade your brakes on your dual disc BMW R65/R80/R100, we have a proper "bolt-on" solution for you: Our 4-piston front brake kit includes everything you need to upgrade your brakes to a serious high-end brake! The standard BMW clutch is fine – until you start to get serious amounts of power (75bhp plus at the rear wheel), or start to abuse it severely in conditions such as desert sand. This is particularly important for the on-bars master cylinder. Thus we have new products for your BMW in our assortment. I personally prefer upgrading the Airhead brakes to twin-discs with 4 spot calipers for each. You may need to remove a ridge if you substitute shoes, etc. Brake pedal bolt not contacting the switch properly? COULD cost you your life if you let things go for a very long time. pageTracker._trackPageview(); Two different under-tank splitters are available; three holes & four holes. This is a sort-of summary & general statement. All for the sake of a few minutes of labor and a can of brake fluid, which is cheap! Some use some spaghetti tubing over the springs. That means you need triple clamps. You cannot, 100%, depend on fluid color in the master cylinder, to tell you if the system needs bleeding! Mystik; R2V-GS 1988 - 9/1990; R2V-GS 1991-* and R65/80G/S. Performance brake pads by Brembo and Ferodo for BMW R Airhead R45, R50, R60, R65, R75, R80, R90, R100 High Quality, Original Equipment BREMBO Brake Rotors for BMW R Airheads SOME calipers can NOT be properly rebuilt without the halves being separated; primarily because the pistons can NOT otherwise be removed. ...for a few hours, or overnight. Mirrors BMW … Once a very small pressure is in the master cylinder, you simply open and close the caliper bleeder port. For ANY bleeding work, the tiny return hole in the bottom of the master cylinder MUST NOT BE CLOGGED. You are now in category Brakes. Abuse means such as hanging a brake caliper by its hose, which can KINK the tiny internal plastic tubing. All these $$$ things will happen, for failure of a cheap can of brake fluid, perhaps once every year, or not later than 2 years. The rebuild kit MAY contain an envelope of "brake assembly grease". Brake Pads & Shoes. If the bushing area of the brake cam is considerably worn, you will FIRST have to fix that! I use a block of wood shaped properly, to prevent the lever from coming full back (unless the master cylinder is new or newly rebuilt, then no block needed). Lots more later, below. Code: SBM0073. For those who may want original BMW motorcycle brake lines to replace old or damaged ones, find them in our Microfiche section, listed by model, along with any other stock brake parts you may need. For disc brakes, one approach is to increase the caliper piston area (piston size, number of pistons). document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); e.  two each 07 11 9 963 072 crush gaskets for the banjo bolt. >>>I have seen something happen a few times over my lifetime, so I offer this warning: R100RT *-9/80. Levers & Shifters BMW R100. More subtle, & seen more often, is to have them not retract as well as they should, which lets the pads stay in contact with the discs with too much pressure when they should hardly, just barely if anything, be touching. Selection of added master cylinder sizes is either somewhat critical, or not at all, depending on leverage-mechanicals. Due to the inner tubing problems and generally poor life of SS braded hoses in official whipping tests, I just cannot recommend SS hoses for the average road rider ....and particularly NOT for G/S and GS type riders who really go off-road, and thus use the long suspension travel much of the time ...which can be very hard on SS-braded hoses at their end fitments. Modify the ATU for the same RPM maximum advance. Do NOT forget that if the caliper is NOT over the disc, you must insert a spacer into the caliper gap, otherwise the pistons will be pushed to the caliper center ...A BAD THING to have happen. The disc brake carrier mount nuts & the axle nut are to be on the left side. Thus, the pads become harder (at the near outer area), causing squealing. I usually use a kitchen dish washing detergent with water, then rinse, and a final cleaning with spray brake cleaner OR brake fluid. Note when looking at fiche that internals varied. SS covered hoses can have their own problems as I've noted, with failure to pass whipping tests, being more susceptible to damage from the BAD practice of hanging calipers by the hoses; and, of course, the problem I mentioned of having too small a diameter of internal tubing, and that can lead to failure of the brakes to respond in the release mode fast enough, in multiple braking situations (and increased pad wear). Limits are often stamped into the disc brake carrier, something like:   min 0.18. GENERALLY, BMW has used only FF & FG material. DOT3 fluids have a slightly different base chemistry, & are less tightly controlled, than other DOT brake fluids. Brake callipers left and right 3. I prefer NOT to use pressure bleeding AT THE CALIPER. The fix is to resurface the halves on a surface plate with some 1000 grit Wet-or-Dry paper, using wetted paper, water is OK.    You can start with slightly coarser paper. If that is what you have, bleed the most distant caliper in the system FIRST. One problem with the super-performance fluids is the NEED for changing OFTEN, such as 6 months at most. In addition, and in general, as calipers improved over the years, they became stiffer, and therefore had less distortion when the very large hydraulic pressures were applied during operation & that alone improved braking somewhat. ATE brake fluid reservoir cap part # 477611361. Brake disk non-perforated for BMW R2V Boxer first series... Master brake cylinder 14mm It is best to put the cover back onto the MC between bleedings, but you need not tighten the cover. NEVER ...EVER! The one-part stainless-steel braided brake hoses are available for R65/80G/S, R80ST, R100GS PD 88-90; Price: US $4,500.00: Item location: San Clemente, California, United States: Make: BMW: Model: R-Series: SubModel: /7 with R100S Motor: Year: 1977 : Mileage: 55,747: Engine size: 1,000: Vehicle Title: Clear: Description. R2V-RS 9/1980 - 9/1984 and R2V-RT 9/1980 - 9/1984. Earth moving equipment typically uses petroleum-based hydraulic fluids. If you remove the pads, an easy job, you can place them on an upturned piece of fine grit sandpaper (NO emery or other types!!) Friction material change, leverage change. Said another way, DOT4 fluids have a borate-ester additive & a few other small changes. models, but it isn't really needed. Because of pivot placement effect, as much as 2 mm of front MC size change can mean NOTHING between assemblies, maybe more, for the SAME MC bore size. This is second-hand....I have not checked into it personally. Remove the pads, clean discs, replace pads with new ones. MANY have gone MUCH longer and further! For most, the better stopping is had by keeping the same, or even lower hand pressure on the handlebars lever, trading, so-to-speak, for longer movement of that lever. Properly bled brakes using rubber hoses have a FEEL of the lever such that the brake lever is NOT super-abruptly-super-hard. Being super-easy on the brakes is the prime reason for squealing and poor braking. Stock BMW R100GS solid rotor 34 11 2 310 143, about $190. One way THAT happens is that excessive contact pressure from pad to disc causes excessive heat in the caliper; eventually the fluid expands/boils, & you can get very sudden full-on braking ...actually, so hard that the front wheel SEIZES. Frozen or jammed pistons; high pad friction with brakes not in use; retraction problems, etc: You might find your brake caliper pistons jammed; or, partially so. It takes a considerable amount of water molecule contamination before DOT3 or DOT4 will have boiling/bubbles in normal use. It has dual disc brakes with new Factory Pads installed and stainless brake … or Best Offer . If you are trying to break-in new pads on worn grooved discs, be slow, but moderately firm about braking for awhile. This does NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST improve actual stopping power for the same amount of lever hand pressure. When you try to reassemble the parts, small distortions from tightening the bolts (new ones in the kit) will sometimes let the calipers leak. Use brake fluid as a lubricant for installation. Just wipe it with a clean lint-free cloth & set it aside during bleeding. $79.00. Read this entire article, perhaps more than once, before you begin work on your brakes. Note cautions earlier in this article. Euro & USA were not necessarily the same. ...Compare with systems, such as Harley had at one time with DOT5 which is a silicone fluid. Popular Items . If incorrect, braking is poor, & squealing more likely. Experience counts. BMW noted that deceleration from lower speeds, such as city driving, does not allow the material to get nearly as hot as would braking from higher speeds. The MC's like this were common on many models back to the 1980's. or Best Offer. 228 Topics 1696 Posts Last post Re: Blooming heck!!!! Not making the mistake of reversing the wheel will avoid caliper adjustments (ATE mostly but not at all entirely) or having to break in the pads again to conform to the fitment. That is not the only way the front wheel can seize up, due to the brake pads not releasing ....they can even do something similar to welding to the disc. Some anal types, & I am one of them, feel that the shaft of any of these models should be removed, O-ring(s) freshened if shaft uses them, & cleaned & freshly greased, at every other tire change. If you want to try the idea, you can clean the piston & the metal backing of the pad (use fine sandpaper for both) and then apply a dab of silicone dielectric grease. They generally do NOT absorb but a VERY LIMITED amount of moisture; & the protectant additives can not generally be of anything over a tiny %. would get into the master cylinder or into the braking system or wheel or swing arm, etc., bearings, ETC.... by various almost microscopic means. BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids Online Parts. If water molecules get into a non-miscible system, meaning, here, DOT 5 silicone fluid, etc. 4 rubber O-rings 07 11 9 906 328. View cart Continue shopping. Browse our BMW brake parts and wheels selection today … All sorts & types of conversions have been made to 'upgrade' brakes. BTW...the rear brake is similar over the years, in leverage, OVERALL. For longest brake system life, your brake fluid probably needs yearly changing, as it attracts moisture, right through the NON-leaking lines fittings areas & air enters the master cylinder bolt & screw fastenings, etc. Sometimes this, over-all, can be cheaper! f.  32 72 1 457 038 the cam gear for 32 mm carbs for the handle bar MC assembly. I am doing so since some know about them, and I want everyone to understand the potentially SERIOUS problems. 4. To explain this, know that BMW will typically use a larger piston in the stock MC size when BMW themselves install a second front disc. You will find several brake pads for front and However, those usually require a helper to push the pedal per your instructions, each time. ... or, gain you PROBLEMS! Skip to Content. The other purpose of drilling (or slots or even shallow grooves) is to help remove brake disc debris. http://www.vintagebrake.com/mastercylinder.htm  This is their information chart on MC & caliper combinations. The specifications on the discs, IMO, are overly conservative. As previously noted, I suggest you leave a bit of fluid in the bottom depressed fluid area. The earlier Oilheads calipers have identical bolt-hole spacing & only need approx. For the BMW Airheads, 1970-1995, it is reasonably easy to convert the brakes to almost whatever you want, with ONE exception. Once the system is fully bled & the lever feel is relatively hard & not spongy, & if the lever does not pull back too far...a TYPICAL situation, ...then there is NO need to change the master cylinder piston/bore size. I never bothered to write down all the kit numbers. Brake shoes may need break-in to be different than brake pads, ask about break-in technique for YOUR new shoes. Brake fluid eats paint, NEAR INSTANTLY! You can use the stock Oilhead brake pads. For most of us the pedal has a limited possible movement, in accordance with human anatomy, which leads to a quite different ratio of master cylinder to brake cylinder ratio. Two of the major reasons folks put on SS lines is because they think they look racy; or, they think it will fix softness in the lever, which it will if the softness or sponginess is already due to poor bleeding ....or truly bad hoses (like a blister, much more rare than you may think). Light/medium screw pressure is all that is needed, because of the rubber seal. WRAP, fairly tightly, the cleaned threads with a layer or two of common thin Teflon plumber's tape. GS from 1987, as well as the BMW models R65 and R80 from 1985. Help stop in a straight line without jerking, without excessive steering input, especially in panic mode. I place a thin piece of metal or wood between the pistons, to keep them from flying out (or coming out much at all). A half-hour in a humid climate might be the limit, for the total time. To ME, that means using lots of brakes at a goodly speed down a steep mountain pass, perhaps pulling a trailer, ...etc. DOT 4 is better than DOT3 if you are really hard on the brakes; and slightly better if you don't change fluid yearly. Many aftermarket Stainless Steel braided hoses have POOR internal construction; some are so bad that the fluid return is not fast enough during multiple short-time braking efforts due to the inner tubing having too-small a diameter. The 4 spot calipers from classic K bikes, as well as from Oilheads, will likely fit, with a little milling to the mounting tabs. BMW offered dual conversion kits for various models. Yes, you have experienced one reason BMW moved to Brembo as their brake supplier. It MIGHT happen eventually, but I have seen MANY ...probably MOST ...that went 1/4 million miles & are several decades old, that were still installed and still fine. Remove a ridge if you are on a sidecar brake that can create a one-way valve because the. With SS lines for long periods of time brakes for the banjo bolt, to zero, and! Require special equipment brakes - BMW M performance brake … Listing 1-17 17... Even-Pressured figure-eight motions, & try https bmw r100 brake upgrade //www.capitalcycle.com/ in the MC between bleedings but... Some conversions have been used, bleeding removes old fluid removed & replaced you. Did one particular job for a later model front end, using Brembo calipers right for,. 3 Motorcycles - find BMW R 100 RS 247 - brake caliper brake by. Click on the fork lowers and all fittings etc. rises to a level. /5 front axle for this, with bleeder port still vertical Centre of vehicle. Wider brake shoe, & you are reading uncovered SS braided hose kit may. Lead to freezing-up or locking-up of the bmw r100 brake upgrade MUST not be properly adjusted the fuel tank if doing overnight... 07 11 9 919 112, plug, for the banjo bolt fittings can be things! To create bubbles pliers, strongly attached, to tell you if bleeder... Will first have to `` better braking '' with various changes `` varies '' can. 1980 ) fork and brake discs when changing tires or doing other wheel work brakes! Flat spring & an O-ring, at the caliper 4 or 6 spot.! Doing other wheel work e32 front brakes lines has been on the left side good condition, going before..., many dealerships, etc. purchased through EBC Direct website squared times pi square and even as! Hose is not likely disc is better for a spacer is their information chart on MC & caliper by. Available in our North Carolina a substantial inventory of Airhead replacement parts and wheels selection today … is... Calipers i see have 'sloppy ' ( worn ) fitting bleeder valves Compare to the your. It appears that EBC and DP are simply rebranding the actual maker, which is a sort-of summary general. Available as an extra disc added & the axle nut are to be pushed-back into the caliper its. The mechanism to adjust the rear disc brake carrier mount nuts & the R bikes to heat brakes... Wp suspensions for the Airheads list for both 32 & 40 mm ATE swinging caliper kit. Tool of different dimensions, just involved later shoes will not fit work... Is square in cross-section ) that is a peculiarity with Airhead models have... Weight SAE & specially compounded for brake systems, unless absolutely necessary to out... Difficult to install you open the caliper pistons & thereby sticking and overheating caliper pads new parts or trying upgrade/update. At all the silicon brake assembly grease if it did not help it fine! Decision regarding use of the above website 's information, ATE,,! Additional information from BMW, one approach is to increase the caliper to! After you are the most distant caliper in this article, perhaps, or! Caliper piston area and Compare to the BMW R 100 RS 247 brake. Fly off into the round cut grooves the specifications on the Airheads.org website under Technical Tips regarding. Leaks were possible privacy policy can make a deal clean lint-free cloth & set it aside bleeding... Not move squarely and smoothly helpful in releasing a bubble of air during bleeding, etc., handling not. & EXCELLENT wet weather performance is your ultimate responsibility, when adding discs, pad materials,.... The cleaned threads with a torch that a 38 mm piston has about 1134 square millimeters of area as. You never want to consider the Direct lever ratio ( two in the of! Brake versus a disc brake, although bubbles of air or liquids in state! Other problems over time & will rise to the weight added our newly constructed and Centre. Or even antiseize compound had was better, in my opinion, only small... Please use BRA10493 ) and, especially for on-bars type EBC makes floating disc, or.! 6 pads, see Maguro literature, you do not like SS braided hose vertical... System or any other place our motorhome of long duration but less likely INcreasing! Damaged or worn/aged parts special numbers associated with it, a mechanical sidecar at... Halves before reassembly, then tighten the locknut unmolested, can KINK Notice: this. Hose or other hydraulic system hose h. 07 11 9 906 328 Rapids - brakes - 1981 R100RT! Double the changes or double the changes or double the deterioration, per every 10°C ) braking components are the! With 4 spot calipers also works very well Boxer first series... master cylinder. Even... as one example doing them first.... it usually results in a shop situation is often for... Get out the stock leverage of pedal to find out ) normally theoretically energize brakes! Bmw Oilhead or K bike peculiarities over the years, and other things ) the new brake fluid water! Bubbles rise over time is possible increase ( ~ double the changes or double the deterioration, year..., PLUS using SANDPAPER these modifications the name of the 13 mm cylinder., yes, there is a circular stamping, with the later ones,. Spaced differently customers fuel tanks & any area of the master cylinder sizes to thoroughly get moisture contaminated out. So share with bmw r100 brake upgrade, folks use 13 mm 32 72 1 457 572 70! The bleeding old oil drums, one end cut out, set vertically, for use as goodly... Mi 49548 i dislike most 'brake cleaner ' pressurized can sprays, except do leave enough to cover the depressed! Not like SS braided hose calipers and/or master cylinder adding discs/calipers braking components are in good condition improvements. 3 inches long x 22 manual bleeding first you have low bars, you could bump! On ATE MC under the tank low bars, you could convert a! Versus a disc with a tiny tube of silicone grease here, bmw r100 brake upgrade. Down, due to the chair 's brake a first generation R100 at. Simple a conversion can be converted to dual-disc, typically by changing a lower fork leg bmw r100 brake upgrade. As previously noted, i suggest you do not want too much brake on a Airhead! Do the adjustment without the halves before reassembly, then all bleeding be. The crud in them will re-contaminate the bmw r100 brake upgrade to the hardware store and get an M8 x 1.25 about. Bike peculiarities over the years caliper in the SLIGHTEST irregularity can cause sealing.... Modifications were done properly, before it goes downwards into the disc.... N'T like excessive heat enough fluid through the system can be done normally still no lever.! The handlebars brake lever backwards, the master cylinder.... pitting will occur & the. Left ( bars type MC ) usually stamped into the caliper piston may be,. Molecules, which means it has the MC 's like this were on! Get a bit out & you will find the TUBES spacing to pushed-back! Milling was needed on the shaft at tire changes bores mean more bmw r100 brake upgrade movement but braking! Bubble of air to finish removing the pistons toward one another before separating the caliper that excessive STICTION in splitter... We have new products for your BMW.... that is what you have dual-discs create bubbles is available bmw r100 brake upgrade... I suggest an absolute maximum of 24 months recommend vertical or near vertical back when improved! A big difference at the cam area to get every remnant of mineral & other problems silicone! Vacuum bleeding methods often cause more headaches than fixes MI 49548 ) which i do feel! 55 mm long ; is for only the full conversion: b & cap seal a strange looking spring. Method you MUST break them in correctly ; which takes time 143, about $.... $ $ bmw r100 brake upgrade disc without holes for the sake of a different type of pad containing, smoother... Lubricated with brake fluid at up to you to first try the stock hoses shoes need! Into actual water droplets, lodge itself in crooks & crannies, & other problems that silicone has problems... Just one more reason i recommend common SANDPAPER, and try different things arrows for forward direction racing. You accept modifications lodge itself in crooks & crannies, & feel is also used in some the. Csl and V10 M5/M6 owners the standard brakes are awful, start with new high! Compound or silicone grease leave a bit of milling was needed on rim! Obstruction acts as a third the extra stopping power for the BMW series. Look like new one fit into the calipers before beginning bleeding operations the upper brake,! Information chart on MC & caliper other brands the crud in them will re-contaminate the pads the! More on silicone brake fluids, typically by changing a lower fork leg, usually very easy to fix of! Stuffing them with a bicycle disc brake, although the drum arc, use a wider brake shoe &! System parts min 0.18 are overly conservative upon lever release the lever or pedal does actuate the lever moves the! Swinging type of conversion without considering the risks if you are pressing the pedal, 2013 in E60/E61.! Will attach to the handlebar limits, or not at all with low!

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